I regard rest and movement, tension and relaxation not as opposites but as different but mutually interdependent forms of existence.
Only when I am aware of one of the forms am I capable of experiencing the other.

These are natural cycles, of which we are a part – supported and carried by our breath.

Of course, in our busy everyday lives we often do not have the time and the attentiveness to become aware of these quiet transitions and the wavelike movement of many of our internal (bodily) processes.
We are usually conditioned to judge certain things as positive and others as negative, to regard tension as stress, relaxation as rest and serenity.

In the context of my movement and body work, I offer you the chance to once again become aware of your own breath and to re-experience its vitalizing and stabilizing power.
I would also like to encourage you to feel within yourself and to become aware of the different aspects that rest, movement, tension and relaxation can have, beyond the boundaries of value judgments and with the possibility of taking pleasure in the experience of the new!