"I praise dance, for it frees a person from the weight of things and binds the individual into a community.
I praise dance, which both requires and is beneficial to everything: health, a clear mind and a joyful soul.
Oh learn to dance, otherwise the angels in heaven will have no use for you."
(St Augstine)

This quotation sums up just about everything that I think and feel about dance.
Nevertheless I would still like to describe in more detail what Energy Balance Dance is about:

The way I see it, Energy Balance Dance is closely related to free or expressive dance and creative dance, but goes beyond these in its aims and dimensions. Energy Balance Dance is (instructor-led) movement, both with and without music, and is always a shared experience between dancers, in the knowledge that giving and receiving takes place in a living exchange between us.

Energy Balance Dance aims to enable you as a dancer to experience positive feelings in and towards your own body with its own individual limitations and possibilities. The aim of improving your bodily awareness during the dance is just as important as becoming aware of your feelings and sensations.

Energy Balance Dance is directed towards a greater ability to move, relieving tension, emotional balance and last but not least the pleasure of movement and playful action.

Energy Balance Dance aims to promote the flow of energy on all levels and thus contribute towards "becoming whole", i.e. to give you the chance to become all that you can be.

My Experience in Movement and Dance:

• Two-year training as an instructor for Energy Balance Dance and Movement.
• Many years of regular physical and breathing training,
• Training of Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses.
• Participation in African Dance courses and workshop.
• Standard dance.