I was born in 1954 in the town of Lüdenscheid in Germany, where I lived until graduating from High School.

After working at a daily newspaper for 2 years I decided to move to the wonderful city of Berlin. That was certainly a good and fortunate decision to make, and Berlin has been my home ever since.

When I arrived in Berlin I studied German and History for a while, then changed to Social Work, which I studied through to graduation. From 1985 to 2004 I worked in various areas as a social worker and from 1991 (after a 3-year course at "THERA.S SE") I also worked freelance as a supervisor.

2005 I started to develop a new vocational perspective and finally gave up social work in order to learn more about dance and to train for two years as an instructor for Energetic Dance at a Berlin School for Dance Therapy, the "tanztherapie zentrum berlin".

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